Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today's sketch / O esboço do dia - 103

My connection is so bad today that posting this sketch is a question of luck, taking the chance of a scarce instant of activity. Internet in Portugal is like the food in some snobish restaurants: Outrageously expensive, served in tiny portions and never satisfying despite all attempts to make it look pretty.
A minha ligação está tão má hoje que é uma sorte conseguir publicar este esboço, aproveitando um dos raros instantes em que está activa. A Internet em Portugal é como a comida em certos restaurantes pretensiosos: Escandalosamente cara, servida a conta-gotas e nunca satisfazendo, por muitos enfeites que lhe tentem pôr.


Rob Carey said...

Sorry to hear about the internet problems. That would be frustrating. I guess we are fortunate here in Germany with that.

Paulo J. Mendes said...

Thank you, Rob. It's everybody's problem here in Portugal: We have some of Europe's most expensive Internet services, but the quality of service doesn't worth the price.
When someone changes the ISP here, the best is always to look for the slightly cheaper and not for the best... there is no best.