Friday, December 4, 2009

Today's sketch / O esboço do dia - 100

The classic waterfront scene with all the trimmings: Bridge, mill, village and two magnificent examples of Lautus Ex Flumen, a riverine species virtually extinct since the advent of Lavatio Apparatus.
A clássica cena de beira-rio com todos os seus ingredientes: Ponte, moinho, aldeia e dois exemplares magníficos de Lautus Ex Flumen, espécie ribeirinha praticamente extinta desde o aparecimento da Lavatio Apparatus.


Anderhowl said...

I had to look up definitions of those latin bits, as I thought at first you were talking about flowers. Thanks for the vocab augmentation :)

Paulo J. Mendes said...

There's nothing like an online Latin translator for a post to look like a clever source of scholarship :)))