Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today's sketch / O esboço do dia - 87

Found this old sketch yesterday, in the middle of many others... Probably didn't like it at the time it was done, and put it away. Or maybe thought it was too similar to others I did at the time. Now, with the mind cleared from all that, finally decided I like it.
Encontrei este esboço já antigo no meio de outros... Provavelmente não gostei dele na altura em que o fiz, e pu-lo de parte. Ou então achei-o demasiado parecido com outros que fiz na altura. Agora, com a mente limpa de tudo isso, decidi finalmente que gosto dele.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paulo, What's not to like? I like your use of line and hatch marks to suggest light and form. Wonderful drawing.

Paulo J. Mendes said...

Hi, Peggy, I think it was definitely my mood at the time... A fresh look is just what was needed :)))