Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A simple granary / Um simples espigueiro

A simple wooden granary, just like some that can be seen in certain fantastic villages along the Paiva river, was the excuse to paint this corner where no living soul can be seen... Or maybe it isn't just like that, because I'm one of those who believe that animals have a soul. To say the truth, I find more soul in one of the chickens like those we see quietly pecking around, than in some “samples” of the human kind. However, all of this provided me a good time practicing the “village textures” I like so much.
Um simples espigueiro em madeira, como alguns que se vêm em certas fantásticas aldeias na bacia do rio Paiva, foi o pretexto para pintar este recanto onde não se vê uma alma... Ou talvez não seja bem assim, porque eu sou dos que acreditam que os animais têm uma alma. Para dizer a verdade, encontro mais alma em galinhas como as que se vêm debicando descontraidamente, do que em alguns exemplares do género humano. Seja como for, tudo isto serviu para passar um bom bocado a praticar as “texturas de aldeia” que tanto me agradam.
Fabriano cold-pressed 5"x 7" - 140lb (12,5x18cm - 300g/m2) paper
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Nancy and the fatties said...

Paulo, I love your remarks about animals with souls. I have three little four-footed friends at home who have a great deal of soul and personality and sure make life a happier thing. Thank you for your kind tweets and I adore your work!

Paulo J. Mendes said...

Thank you for your words, Nancy. I understand so well your feeling about the four-legged creatures that share their life with us. We just have to look at them when they're happy and peacefully sleeping in the sofa to know that life can't be so wrong...

Gypsy Moon Designs said...

Lovely, Paulo.

I love what you said about animals having souls. I hike amongst deer and feel like they have such tender souls. And my Kitty, Luna, of course!

Paulo, I awarded your blog with the
Premio Meme Award. You can see details on my blog.

Enjoy your week!

Paulo J. Mendes said...

Thank you so much, Julie. You must be so fortunate to live in a beautiful natural place where you can be amongst deer... And Luna is for sure extremely fortunate for having you as a companion.

Thanks so much for your award. I really appreciated it :))
Have a wonderful week, too.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Love this one Paulo especially the flash of green with the chickens :)

Paulo J. Mendes said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. As someone who loves to paint with green, I feel very happy :))

glorv1 said...

Paulo, this is simply a very relaxing painting. The grass is nice and green where the chickens are enjoying their clucking and the doggie on the porch looks wonderingly at the "painter" who paints him. :) I love it and I also love the fact that you feel that our "family pet members" as I call them, have souls. Yes indeed they do. They are full of life, spirit and eagerness to live and give to their caretakers, mainly the mama's and the papa's. Thanks for your creativity as it always uplifts my spirits. Have a great rest of the week.

Paulo J. Mendes said...

Gloria, I could spend an afternoon seated at one of those doors just looking at all creatures peacefully getting around. That's something I haven't had a chance to enjoy for a while, and maybe that's why this unexpected and fast painting just "happened" last Monday... I wanted something relaxing to look at :)