Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Sketches / Esboços à Sexta - 12

The first one became the work posted last Sunday.
Meanwhile I've been working based on older sketches, two of which being my next paintings.
O primeiro deu origem ao trabalho publicado no Domingo passado.
Entretanto, vou trabalhando com base em esboços mais antigos, dos quais sairão os próximos dois trabalhos.


Stephen Dell'Aria said...

All your sketches look like great future projects. I am really interested in the interior view. That seems like something different from you in the time I've followed your blog. it's a great sketch!!

Paulo J. Mendes said...

Still don't know when I will start it, since I've been in an "outdoor mood" recently, but that's one I definitely want to paint in the future!

Karen Lawler said...

Hello Paulo
I always like looking at your new painting and sketches!! The interior one is very interesting. I remember looking at the kitchen painting you sold from last year. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Thanks for your work

Paulo J. Mendes said...

Hi, Karen,
It is possible that I may paint some interiors in the future. That's something I've been thinking for a while.
At the moment I'm still around the outdoor scenes, since the days are warm and beautiful here, and lots of inspiration come from them. Maybe when they start to be shorter, darker and chillier, a few warm interior paintings may take place...
Speak to you soon!

Karen Lawler said...

The outdoors scenes are wonderful!! I also love some details of the shops and people busy around!! All is great.
Thanks for inspiration.