Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday sketches / Esboços à Sexta - 4

At this moment I have more sketches than time to turn them into paintings, which is a normal thing, since skeches are quicker to do, and can be done anywhere.
It's actually a good thing, because you get a few spares for less inspired days.
Tenho neste momento mais esboços do que tempo para os transformar em pinturas o que é normal, uma vez que estes são mais rápidos de fazer, e podem ser feitos em qualquer lado.
E é bom que assim seja, pois fica-se com uma reserva para os dias menos inspirados.


Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Nice sketches. I am intrigued by the second one trying to figure out what all takes place in, what appears to be, backyards to these home. I’m especially curious about the rods or maybe clothes lines from the buildings to the rear of the yard.

Paulo J. Mendes said...

It'a a patio in an old farmhouse, a place where lots of activities can happen. In this case, the farmer may be sawing some old tree branches to use as burning wood, and apparentely a neighbour drops in for a chat.
The lines that go from the building to the rear are known as "latadas", and are wire structures to serve as support to vines, which are very much in use here at northern Portugal. They can be laid over an entire path, as a border to a piece of land, or even covering some rural streets.