Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lapa, Arcos de Valdevez

Um interior de planta octogonal, fruto da arquitectura de André Soares, genial mestre Bracarense do rococó, que me surpreendeu pela sua leveza e luminosidade. Na capela-mor, um vistoso e elaborado retábulo do seu discípulo Frei José Vilaça, ao qual o meu pobre desenho faz muito pouca justiça.
An octagonal interior, fruit of the architecture of André Soares, the genius Braga-native master of rococo, which surprised me for its lightness and luminosity. In the presbytery, a flashy and elaborate altarpiece from his disciple Frei José Vilaça, to which my poor sketch does very little justice.


AK said...

This sketch is just amazing!!! The intricate effect you have created in the Altar without going into the details is fabulous. With due credit to the original work, you have done justice in your own style.

Paulo J. Mendes said...

Thank you. It would be very difficult if not impossible to go into details with such an elaborate altarpiece. For me, the rococo style is by far the most difficult style to capture on a sketch!